Why to opt for Online CA Classes: Advantages and Disadvantages

What are online CA classes?

The new age teaching techniques have seen a huge shift from a traditional way of teaching to a virtual way of teaching. In such scenarios, this has proved as a boon for Candidates looking for Online CA classes. The words “online classes” are not new to anyone in the Education sector today. Attending online classes has become a trend because of the Pandemic. It has benefitted each and everyone in the Globe. Be it students seeking CA Foundation Coaching, or working professionals looking for CA Inter classes and CA Final classes, the Academies like Lakshya Edu have got their back in providing best guidance and necessary teaching.

But there are two sides to every coin and so is the case with online classes. People who do not understand the modalities of online classes face a lot of challenges. They stuck while accessing these online education platforms. So, for a clearer picture, scroll further to find the Pros and Cons of Online Classes:

Advantages of Online Classes:

  • If you are a working professional or even if a student, then Online CA classes help you to save a lot of time that is wasted on transportation. Studying from one particular location also helps students to focus better and hence the outcome is good.
  • For candidates who are doing their Articleship, CA Inter online classes are most helpful because they can bring a balance between work life and their study schedule.
  • Attending physical classes can be tiresome or students might miss sessions due to health issues. So is not the case when they study from the comfort of their homes. CA online classes can be attended even under a blanket! Students can also save the classes and have access to them whenever they want to.
  • There are some students who face difficulties in selected topics and do not wish to spend money or time on topics that seem easy to them. Online classes are also good options for such dedicated students who believe more in self-study.
  • Every student does not like every teacher’s teaching style and hence what seems best to one might not seem best to another. So, in search of the best CA online classes in India, digital platforms come handy. Students can take demo lectures and choose the best educators according to their convenience.

The best CA Online classes in India allow students to take as many breaks as they want. So students can study at their own pace, which puts them in a more relaxed state. An over burdened mind can never give best outputs, so it is very important that students stay calm and composed during classes.

Disadvantages of Online Lectures:

  • Even though CA Online classes have gained popularity, especially after the Pandemic, Offline classes are still preferred by students who miss communicating in real life. Online CA classes keep away students and teachers from bonding and this is exactly why most of the students have become introverts in today’s era.
  • CA online classes are bane for students who are not serious towards their studies and lack self-discipline. In case of CA Foundation, CA Inter and CA Final online classes, it comes upon the students to prepare a schedule and sit down to study.
  •  Network availability can still be a topic of concern for students living in remote areas and this is another reason why even online classes could not be attended by various students.

The idea of CA Foundation, CA inter and CA Final online classes is still relatively new to the market. So many students who are not well aware of the ways to handle online platforms, might find it very difficult to attend these classes.