Preparation strategy to Ensure high scores in CA Intermediate Group 1

The key to success is hard work but exams like CA Intermediate Group 1 demand smart work! Every other student wishes to clear CA Inter in the first attempt but lags behind when it comes to strategical preparation. Give a thorough read to this blog by Lakshya Edu which provides the best CA Intermediate online classes. If you are a student thinking about how to clear the CA intermediate in the first attempt, this is the perfect place for you!

The concerned subjects to be taken in account of CA Inter Group 1 are mentioned below:

PAPER 1 Accounting
PAPER 2 Corporate laws and other laws:

PART 1- Corporate Laws

PART 2- Other Laws

PAPER 3 Cost and Management Accounting
PAPER 4 Taxation:

SECTION A- Income Tax laws

SECTION B- Indirect laws”

For practical subjects, i.e- Accounts and Costing, the majority of the paper is practical based but a few questions might end up coming from the theory part. To ensure better practice, visit the website of Lakshya Edu known to be the best CA coaching Institute in India.

CA Inter Group 1 study Planner:

Proper preparation along with a comprehensive study is crucial if you wish to clear the CA inter in the first attempt. Here is a detailed strategic study plan by Lakshya Edu who are providers of the best CA Inter online classes for aspiring students:

Accounting (PAPER 1):

  • When it comes to accounting, it is comparatively easy to score at. Students tend to neglect this subject because of its ease level but they should pay heed to it as it will help them score higher marks.
  • Students should pay more attention towards understanding the basics of accounting rather than just memorizing everything.
  • Practice is very essential when it comes to preparing for this subject.
  • Everything should be jotted down as notes while preparing. It is wise to have an account of all important topics and important notes to have a look at before the exams. This will be quite helpful for the students while revising.

Corporate and other laws (PAPER 2):

  • Evidently, from the reports by ICAI, this paper will be divided into a 70:30 ratio of subjective type questions and objective type questions.
  • It is advised to have more technical information when it comes to the theory paper, as along with talent this paper also tests the vocabulary and technical presentation skills of the students.
  • Corporate law paper has more weightage than the other, so students should divide their attention accordingly. To work on the analytical skills and have a strong base, students are required to understand the logic behind each subject.
  • This paper might seem boring as long as the student keeps trying to just mug up everything. Once you have the skill of gaining curiosity and trying to learn more then it shall help you on a long run.

Cost and Management accounting( PAPER 3):

It is common for students to focus more on bigger chapters first but the trick to cover more marks is here-

  • Allocate your time properly to smaller chapters that are equally important in the beginning to avoid panic when exams are nearer.
  • Even though you might feel that you are entirely prepared after revision, still continuous practice brings out the best results.
  • Maintaining a formula book is quite essential for this subject as a lot of formulas are required while practicing Cost and Management paper.
  • This paper demands more focus on practical questions and comparatively less on theory. But that does not mean theory is to be neglected. Contribute your time accordingly.

Taxation (PAPER-4):

  • Just like the PAPER 2, ICAI has divided this paper into subjective and objective type questions. The ratio being 70:30.
  • There is no result without practice. As a student, it is quite essential to have it in mind that you do not stop practicing. Download various question banks available on the website of the best CA Coaching Institute in India, that is Lakshya Edu. keep testing your knowledge.
  • The GST Act in this paper is an easy area to score at. Make sure you do not skip this.
  • Section numbers of important provisions must be memorized by heart because there is no other way out or short cut to this paper.

Few tips to pass the CA Exam:

  • Get access to Question banks and practice.
  • Make the most of every bit of information available on the internet.
  • Keep practicing for papers like Cost and Management Accounting.
  • Use headers and highlighters while making notes to memorize the key points.
  • Make sure to get each and every doubt cleared even if it is a small one.
  • Do away with negativity and concentrate on revisions

Last Month Preparation:

  • To begin with, it is important to not lose out on patience and keep your calm.
  • Keep writing and practicing simultaneously.
  • Pay more attention to point headings and keep it updated to look at before exams.
  • Do not skip or keep any topic to cover just before exams. The CA Inter exam is quite rigid and difficult so it is advisable to be ready and uptodate with detailed and crisp notes.
  • Get access to the best CA Inter online classes by Lakshya Edu and add extra brownie points to your preparation today!

The CA Inter Group 1 exam is difficult indeed but not entirely impossible to crack. All the best to every aspiring candidate. Be sure to devote every last second to your preparation as “There is no Elevator to success”!